Supercharge your QA.

Whether you're fixing visual bugs or gathering feedback from your clients, Toybox saves your team time during QA.

Extend your web app.

Install one of our browser extensions to gather feedback on your staging site, production environment, or any type of web page. Toybox acts as a layer on top of your site that only your team or clients can see.

Show what you mean
not just tell it.

Point and click.

Comments are attached to specific elements on your site - providing complete context and removing any confusion.

React visually.

Enrich your comments with attachments and emojis. Express your ideas with more than just words.

Mention your mate.

Make sure your comment is seen by your teammates or clients with @mentions.

Test in
every dimension.

Toggle between resolutions and devices to see how your site reacts. As you leave feedback, we’ll record what resolution your comment was left at.

All the info
info you'll need.

Toybox automatically records all the data you’ll need to resolve any issue including screenshots, browser details, and more.
Screen size
1400 x 900
macOS Mojave

From startups to scaling
we've got you covered.

As you grow - so does Toybox. Create multiple projects, add workspaces, invite team members, share with guests and more.
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