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Find and fix style inconsistencies on any page of your product. Get suggestions. Visualize the changes. Collaborate with your team.

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audit any web page.

Visit any web page and with one-click, we'll pull in all the HTML/CSS elements into Toybox. Understand the current state of your product's consistency with detailed stats around the colors, type styles, and spacing you're using.

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stay on-brand.

Stop guessing whether what you've built is on or off brand. Know if the styles in your product match with what's in your design system or brand guidelines. If something isn't right, we provide suggestions on how to improve, which you can preview in real-time.

make it consistent.
collaborate & communicate changes.

As you make edits to your site, we create code-based annotations for you to share with developers. Leave comments, start a conversation, and see real results - fast.


what we measure.


View how many unique colors are being used on any product page. We break down your color usage by borders, typography, and backgrounds.


We'll let you know if one property within your type styles (line-height, color, font-size, etc.) is inconsistent and provide you with the closest style suggestion.


Inconsistent spacing is almost impossible to detect manually. Toybox automatically finds and displays every value being used for spacing throughout your product.


We're constantly working on adding new components for you to audit, measure, and fix. Please let us know which ones are most important and we'll do our best to add them.

audit for free.

We want to make sure Toybox is helping you and your team build better and more consistent products. Because of this, Toybox is free - no trials or limits. All we ask is if you have any feedback or requests that you'll let us know :)

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