Gather feedback and report bugs on your website.

Turn any web page or app into an interactive workspace. Collect feedback, resolve issues, and export tasks to your existing tools in seconds.

A powerful
new approach to QA.

Capture everything.

Feedback, ideas, and bugs are logged on your site. Toybox acts as an extension of your app, which allows your team to communicate effectively and build quality software.

Never leave your site during QA. Browse any page or interaction without having to switch tabs to log an issue.

Visually express yourself.

Comments are left directly on your web page - not lost in an email thread. Toybox lets your team see, understand, and quickly respond to new ideas.

issues fast.

Toybox automatically provides all the data you need to reproduce and fix any issue. Spend more time building and less time fixing.

Explore features.

idea matters.

Give every member of your team the ability to share their thoughts. Great products are built when everyone has a voice.
"Let’s use our large button here instead of the default."
Product Managers
"This flow doesn’t quite fit with our user-story."
QA testers
"This navigation dropdown breaks on Chrome."
"How should this work on mobile?"
"Can we swap out the horizontal logo for the stacked?"

within your workflow.

Toybox comes equipped with powerful productivity and communication integrations. Keep your process the same - just better.
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